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Green Building Green building a home is more than just how much is an electric bill. It is about the selection of components, how they are used and installed. Part of green building is using reneweable resources, like wood. At the same time, it is about the optimization of resource. Using wood as an example, it is common to hear that the more wood in a home the better. To us, this is the same as saying I want a car that gets really great gas mileage so it needs to be made really heavy. Building a high perforamnce green home requires optimizing the reneweable resource and using them wisely, because much like trying to build a fuel effiecient car, adding weight reduces performance. Much of the design and building of a home are components that are not changed so they need to be done right the first time. It is rare that when people put in a new air conditioner that they replace and change where all the duct work goes. It is rare that people relocate the hot water heater when it goes out. These are just some of many life time components that make the difference between the house wasting energy or using it wisely in the life time of the home. It is also about looking at what information is available on suppliers and how they produce their goods, and what the history has been on the long term performance of those goods, because not all products are equal. It is not very green if the product needs to be replaced every year. Custom At Autus Properties, everything we do is custom. We believe that no two lots are the same and no two clients’ needs are the same. Because of this, every project that we do, whether it is a new custom home, a remodel, or a renovation, they all start with a new set of hand drawn plans. We do not use preset cookie cutter finishes. We give our clients a generous budget for each selection and actively involve them in the choosing of their floors, tile, granite, lighting fixtures, cabinets, trim, doors, etc. Our clients tell us they love the selection process. It allows them to get exactly what they want and truly make their home custom. Health and Safety This might be an odd word to hear from a Dallas custom home builder. Not to us. Every new home we build, remodel or renovate, our number one concern is the health and safety of our home owners. That is the driving force behind the way we build. We choose products that work to enhance the health and safety of our home owners and of the stucture we build. We spend countless hours every year evaluating and reevauliting all of the products we use with a single thought in mind, "Does this make the home healthier and safer for our clients and will it continue to preform for a long time?"