About Autus Properties

The principle Autus Properties was founded on is to build and remodel luxury custom homes that will withstand the test of time. The finest craftsmanship is our goal. We set standards that do not just meet codes, they exceed them.

Autus Properties was founded in 2006 to specialize in the construction and remodeling of high end luxury custom homes, built to a high standard. We specialize in using the standards and procedures used by many of the industries’ national associations. These standards and procedures go above and beyond the code, which is the minimum standard a home should be built to.

Where we really set ourselves apart is our passion for building amazing homes and remodeling that leaves that character of the house intact, making it seem like it was always the way it was and should be. We do not have a giant office staff or a superintendent who we pass people on to. Matthew is the direct contact and knows all of the details of the luxury custom home and remodel projects. He is the one to meet with about all the details. Since he spends the majority of his time on job sites, not in the office, he is able to give an answer very quickly and has the power to implement the decision.