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Custom At Autus Properties, everything we do is custom. We believe that no two lots are the same and no two clients’ needs are the same. Because of this, every project that we do, whether it is a new custom home, a remodel, or a renovation, they all start with a new set of hand drawn plans. We do not use preset cookie cutter finishes. We give our clients a generous budget for each selection and actively involve them in the choosing of their floors, tile, granite, lighting fixtures, cabinets, trim, doors, etc. Our clients tell us they love the selection process. It allows them to get exactly what they want and truly make their home custom. Luxury Luxury in a home, to us, is about features that just make a home work. Sometimes it is as elegant as roll in showers, other times it is as advanced as whole home automation. Energy Efficient Energy efficiency is based on many components of a house. The bottom line to energy efficiency comes down to how much is my bill and what is the payback period. The biggest miss for most people in Texas is not taking advantage of the open market of energy providers. Energy providers is poor terminology because Oncor services the lines for most of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, which means the energy providers really just relay the bill from Oncor. Click here to find out more about saving up to 50% off your electric bill.