Our company is based on a strong dedication to putting each and every client first – whether it is home buying, selling, remodeling or construction. Our commitment to business ethics, fair dealing and customer service has been praised by many of our clients, vendors, suppliers, and people in the industry.

We are taking things a bit further, expanding our services to help our current and future clients, builders, designers, real estate agents and Realtors, investors and additional services as the demand has risen over the years.



Just a Few of Our Services


Buying and selling

Have you given up on finding your dream home? A real estate agent with extensive knowledge of construction will help you avoid major money pits!  We help keep you out of homes like the one in The Money Pit!


Project management

Have you given up on starting your dream projects?  Would dealing with only the known help alleviate the stress of the project?  We help to define clear goals, expectations, and plan ahead to reduce the unknown. When it happens, a process is in place to move the project forward!


Ongoing maintenance

Do you regularly do all of your home maintenance?  Do you know all maintenance items and schedules for your home?  We help people keep one of their largest investments in tip top shape!  From air filters, to changing out HVAC, weekly pool service to water heaters to fixture changes to full blown remodels!

Customer Testimonials


Home Owner

“Very knowledgeable and took the time to really understand our wants and needs for a new home”

Home Owner

“His extensive construction knowledge was very helpful when, while viewing houses, we had questions about potential upgrades and renovations we might want done”


Home Owner

“Great work!  Loved the work he did so much, have hired him for 6 separate projects and plan on hiring him again for more!”


home owner

“Straight shooter and very knowledgeable about the real estate market.  He is through and diligent”