Structured Wiring

The Foundation of Your Home Control Systems

Wiring plays a crucial role in setting up integrated home systems, requiring precision and adherence to local building codes. This task is best handled by professionals with the necessary expertise. At Autus Properties, our specialists ensure your home is custom-wired using premium materials to meet your specific requirements.

Distribution Panels

Each home is unique, necessitating tailored wiring solutions that complement its design and layout. A customized tech center, facilitated by our distribution panels, enables comprehensive integration of whole-house audio, video, telephone, computer networking, lighting, security, and broadband access. Our panels are designed to accommodate various budgets and can be easily upgraded or expanded as needed.

Low Voltage Wiring

Using the correct materials to connect your equipment is essential for achieving optimal performance and reliability. Low voltage wiring seamlessly integrates your audio, video, internet, and home automation systems, empowering you with complete control whether you’re at home or away. Autus Properties ensures your home is equipped for effortless management and operation.

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