24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Reliable Home Security

Choosing the right home alarm monitoring solution can be daunting when it comes to ensuring the safety of your family and property. While DIY kits with IP cameras and motion detectors are an option, who will monitor your home round-the-clock? Securing your home requires continuous vigilance.

Autus Properties offers fully automated residential alarm monitoring services in Dallas, TX, provided by a certified UL Listed facility.

Peace-of-Mind with UL Monitoring

With Autus Properties’ alarm monitoring service, your home is under constant surveillance by a professional UL Listed Central Station. They can promptly alert police, fire, or emergency services at the first sign of trouble. This assurance provides peace-of-mind, knowing your home is safeguarded by one of the industry’s most trusted burglar, fire, and flood alarm services.

Understanding UL Listed Monitoring

UL Listed monitoring is the benchmark for remote alarm security. Homeowners may even qualify for insurance discounts upon subscribing to this service. Check with your insurance agent to explore potential savings on your home coverage with Autus Properties!

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