Beat Spring Chaos: The Daycare Director’s Guide to Proactive Maintenance

Y'all, we KNOW Texas weather plays by its OWN rules. One minute it's sunshine, the next? Thunderstorms that could knock out a transformer…and suddenly your daycare is playing whack-a-mole with busted toilets and grumpy AC units. No director needs those headaches! Especially on top of everything else. But what if you could outsmart this chaos? You bet you can. With Autus Properties by your side, your...

From Foodie Frenzy to Fun-Filled Facilities: How Keith Lee’s Dallas Trip Can Make Your Daycare the Apple of Every Parent’s Eye (Before It Becomes a Stale Cookie!)

Remember TikTok's resident foodie, Keith Lee, and his whirlwind tour of Dallas' tastiest treats? While delectable ice cream sundaes and picture-perfect pizzas might seem worlds apart from daycare maintenance, hold on tight! Lee's adventure offers surprising insights that can transform your childcare center into a joyful haven for kids and a stress-free zone for parents. Imagine this: Parents rave about...

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