🥶 Uh oh, Texas! Is another deep freeze on the way? 🥶

Don’t let burst pipes and water damage ruin your winter! We know how brutal North Texas weather can be. Autus Properties has been serving the Plano area for years – we’re the experts in preventing (and fixing) flood disasters.

Here’s your winterization checklist – Straight from the pros:

  • Wrap those pipes! Exposed pipes are the #1 culprit in winter water damage. Get that insulation on!
  • Disconnect the hoses. Even with a faucet cover, freezing temps can wreak havoc on your lines.
  • Drip, drip, drip! Just a little water flow can prevent pipes from freezing solid.
  • Know your shutoff valve! Every homeowner should know where this is ASAP.

But what if it’s too late? 🥶❄️

Autus Properties is here for you! From busted pipes to full-blown flood restoration, we handle it all, 24/7. We know how stressful this can be – and we work FAST to get your home or business back in shape.

**Don’t gamble with your property! Book your FREE winterization consultation today!**➡️ https://calendly.com/autusproperties

Because winter in Texas is unpredictable… but Autus Properties is always ready! 💪

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